I hadn't expected a party!  My own birthday had passed recently (October 6th)...and although I was aware that this month also saw the founding of the Lodge project back in 2006 I hadn't been expecting this evening's séance to become one of special celebration...but as things turned out that's exactly what happened!  

The séance had barely begun when the invited spiritually controlled energetic movement of the chair became demonstrated through Richard's mediumship (video clips...YouTube):
Finally...a bit of extra fun...this video clip shows the medium standing in contact with the chair whilst his spirit controls channel and manipulate energy in order to demonstrate percussion rapping within the wooden chair frame.  Ted, a regular spirit visitor, found this highly amusing and, as witnesses watched, the chair moved sideways, came forward and then tipped back! 

With thanks to all who have offered their support to the Lodge project over the years and with special thanks to all those who share in the present-day celebrations...exciting times! 
Chris Di Nucci